27 November 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Henry

On Henry's birthday I took lots of photos of him doing what he does best.
Eat the couch and wipe his drool all over it.
Showing off his bruises on his head because he is just a kid. 
Screaming as loud as he can because why not? 
Taking out the night light to eat it. 
Finding a spoon to chew on. 
Playing outside with Charlie. 
 Keeping his hood on his head.
 And being super cute with drool coming out of his mouth.

We had a little party celebration for Henry on the day of his birthday.  He had a fun party with friends on Saturday.
He wasn't super interested in the candle or muffin since he was tired and just had a huge dinner.
 He isn't one to pass up food so he did take a bite, but he just hadn't left any room for dessert.
 So he decided to look cute for the camera. 
 What a cutie!
 Present time.  He opened up one of his presents on his birthday.  The rest were for his party.
He had this look on his face pretty much the entire time. 
Bath letters and numbers! 
He was so excited to play with them and taste them.  The boys got to use them in the tub that night.  It was a blast. 
Henry took his first steps on his birthday!

Henry is such a sweet boy who loves to play and figure things out.  He is growing big and strong and is always trying to do more.  We love him and all of the funny things that he does.  Henry is a great little boy and we love him so much.  We are glad that he is in our family.

Side Notes:
1) For those worried grandparents that Henry might be cold with just a onsie on during the day, don't worry.  It is about mid 70s in our home since the sun heats it up through the windows.  It isn't very cold here, just about 60ish outside.  We still don't need our heater.  One day it got up to 78 on the main level and about 80 degrees upstairs.
2) Yes, Charlie has a huge chunk of muffin in his mouth.  He often shoves the last bite in his mouth before realizing that it should have been his last two bites.  Consequently he can't close his mouth, chew, or swallow.  It never ends well.

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