04 November 2013

Christmas Tree Time

My conversation with Charles on the Saturday post Halloween:
Charles: Should we cut down our Christmas tree today?
Me: Uh, its barely November.  I was going to wait to do Christmas tree stuff until mid November
Charles: Oh.  But the weather is so nice now.
Me: Okay, lets chop it down.
I am pretty easily swayed when it comes to Christmas. 

We cut down one of the evergreens in our backyard.  There are three of them there and we don't really care for any of them because they were poorly placed.  We'll get trees to replace them next year.  But until then, we have a free Christmas tree for the next three years!  We chopped down the largest.
 Charles used his circular saw to chop it.   We watched from a distance.
We watched with safety.  Charlie loves hats so of course he had to wear it. 
Oops!  The pumpkins are still up.  I quickly threw them out after this photo.  We also took all of this free foam downstairs.  Charles got it from work.  It is soundproofing foam that Charles is going to put in the basement.
 It's up!  The tree trunk was too skinny for our tree stand so we had to rig it up with some plastic.  We gave the tree a little bit of a trim at the top so it would fit and so that it had a little bit of a better shape.
 We are quite proud of our homely looking tree.  We like it so much because we didn't pay for it and because this is probably the type of tree we would have bought if we had bought a tree.  It reminds me of when I was a kid.  I think a lot of our trees looked pretty funny.  I remember cutting one down that we had grown.
 With the extra branches I made a wreath and then hot glued pine cones from the backyard on to it.
 Henry wanting to join in the fun and eat my camera.
 Saddened that his holiday cheer was squelched. (he's got to learn not to touch the tree)
Happy to be with Mommy.  Let the holidays begin!

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stephineph said...

That wreath is gorgeous, Annette! I love how innovative you guys are. It's a grown up Charlie Brown tree. All it needs is a little love ;)