06 October 2013

Our Fun Little Life With the Cutest Kids Ever

Bath time in our home is one of the best times of the day for the kids.  Henry loves baths and is always trying to get into the tub.
They both love splashing like crazy.  Charlie is always soaking Henry and Henry loves every minute of it.  Henry will often put his head under the faucet to get drinks and drenches himself.
We have a park in our HOA that we go to every once in a while.  Charlie loves climbing on everything  and asks if we can go to the "Wee."  "Wee" is what he says when he goes down the slide so that is what the park is called.
Henry is always trying to eat the bark chips.
Charles bikes to work a lot, but when he doesn't Charlie and Henry love playing with the bike.
Charlie likes to pretend to take naps so that I will tickle him.
Charlie is a good helper with the trash.  He is in charge of putting diapers into the trash.  He has collected a total of five diapers in his arms at one time.  If there are only a few he will hold them with one hand and his chin.  Ick.
Henry loves making cute faces for us.  He also performs lots of fun tricks like waving and copying what we do.
Charlie loves his rain boots.  Right after his diaper change he put his boots on.
Charlie and Henry know which cupboards are their favorite to find the best pots and pans.
Henry loves trying to eat rocks.
He knows he isn't supposed to.
He shoves them in anyway.
And then will share them with others.
Charlie has some good dramatic faces when playing.
More rain boots even though it isn't raining.
We went to the local roller rink with Charles' co-worker and family.  Henry and I chilled most of the time.
Charlie in his skates.
Slow and steady helps to avoid owies.
Henry had fun crawling away from Mommy.
Henry loves to go up the stairs, but he can't go back down yet.
Friday is one of our favorite days because that is the day the trash gets picked up.  Right as we were finishing diapers this last Friday we heard the recycle truck come by and had to run over to see it.  Thankfully we live in a cul-de-sac so we get to watch him go up and down the street.
We then waited around for the normal garbage truck to come by to pick up the rest of the trash.  And yes, Charlie is wearing undies over his diaper.

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