29 October 2013

Laughs and Cows

Charlie was going potty and of course Henry had to accompany him.  Charlie started playing with a plastic syringe that I use for watercolor painting.  When he would pull it all the way out it would make a pop sound.  Henry thought it was the funniest thing in the world.  Charlie thought that it was great fun to make Henry laugh so much.

We went to a local (an entire hour away) pumpkin patch farm.  They grew and raised lots of things including 15,000 turkeys for Thanksgiving.  They had lots of fun things for kids to do.  Unfortunately my camera died after a few photos :(
Charlie loved the tractors that were for kids to play on.
 He so wanted to reach the lever with his foot.

 It was a blast.  Behind Charlie on the bails of hay is a huge pipe that they set up for people to slide down.  The slide was VERY fast and the first (and only) time I went down it freaked me out.  Charlie loved it.  He couldn't get enough of the slide.  The first time he went down he was going too fast and was leaning so far forward that he did a summersault when he landed.

Also, I kind of assumed that pretty much everywhere took credit cards.  Credit card readers seem so accessible these days that I kind of assumed that all businesses, whether large or small took credit cards.  Well, when we were there we thought we would buy some food from the food truck that was there since it was decent prices and it sounded better than crackers that we had brought.  I stood in line for about half an hour (ugh...there was only one person in front of me, I'm not sure what the hold up was) and then when it was my turn I placed my order.  The lady then informed me that they only took cash or check.  What?!?!  You would take a check over a credit card?  They could totally get bounced checks that way.  I didn't have either one since I had just grabbed a credit card from Charles.  So I left and wasn't about to stand in line again since it was super long.  It was just a weird experience.  

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