18 October 2013

A Few Tid Bits and Rainy Days

Here is Charles and his birthday cake that didn't turn out like it was supposed to.  The chocolate fudge never thickened for his boston cream torte.  But it sure was yummy still!
It has been rainy lately.  The kids enjoy going out in the rain and watching it through our glass door and windows.

Henry doesn't have much patience when it comes to waiting for food, so I thought I would take a picture of him being grumpy even though he had already gobbled down a huge chicken croquet (aka chicken rollup).
On one of our rainy days we took a fun walk around the neighborhood.  Charlie perfected the art of stomping in puddles with his rain boots.
When Charlie was 4 months old he wore this dalmatian puppy costume.
Charlie got a hold of it the other day and wanted to wear it again.  That costume sure had long arms.  I had to roll them up when he was a baby.  Now they fit perfectly.
During the rain our fence looks all pretty with the moss growing on it.
During one particular 24 hour period we had so much rain that it filled up one of our trash cans more than half way.
We went on a fun car ride in the rain to see all of the rivers that were overflowing.  Charlie was so excited!
Here is Fishing Creek.  It was a lot larger than a creek after the rain.  It had even flooded all of the land west of it and made it a swampy, marshy area.
We turned around in Charles' work's parking lot, so I thought I would take a picture of where Charles works so that you can all see.
We had fun splashing through the huge puddles on the road.  Here was the best one.
Other little updates about the kids:
Charlie LOVES letters!  He is always pointing to letters and telling me what they are.  He doesn't get them right most of the time, but he does always get a few right and is continually adding to the list of the ones that he knows.  He currently can correctly identify F, R, K, A, B, Y.  When we are reviewing his letters on the wall he will often remember which one comes next by auditory memory and not by actually being able to identify it.  When we drive around he will point out all of the letters that he knows.  When we are home he finds letters everywhere (I didn't know there were that many around a home).  He always wants me to tell him the names of all of the letters.  We spend hours each day doing letters because Charlie just wants to.  This kiddo may not be combining words into sentences well yet, but he is learning the letters of the words.
Henry loves to wave to Charles and me.  He won't wave to anyone else.  When he first learned to wave it was only to me.  He has learned to fold his arms for prayers and is slowly getting better at actually keeping his arms folded for more than two seconds.  Henry is also walking along the couch and anything else.  He loves climbing up the stairs and going back down.  He still can't start going down the stairs from the top.  The whole going feet first is alluding him.  Hence, after getting on Charlie's bed he can't get off and will cry waiting for me to come rescue him.
Charlie and Henry are great sleepers.  They are sleeping about 12 hours a night from 7 to 7.  For a while it was only till 6:20, but we finally broke them of that habit.  Both of the boys take one nap around 1 or 2 ish.  I think the only reason that Charlie still naps is because it is a social event.  He loves being with Henry and will pretty much cooperate with anything if Henry is doing it, too.
Charlie has officially started chores.  He is in charge of putting dirty diapers in the trash.  For every diaper he puts in the trash he gets one penny.  He doesn't understand why it is fun to get a penny and put it in his piggy bank, but he likes the reward.  Maybe we should pay him a penny for using the potty?

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