02 June 2013

Visit from Grandma and Grandpa Martin

We had such a fun visit from Grandpa Tom and Grandma Jan.  Tom and Jan helped out with a lot of projects around the house and in the yard.
We ate yummy angel food cake (I remember my first time ever having angel food cake.  I loved it so much and still do.).
Watched the tractor excavating our backyard.
Played with Henry.
Grandma and Charlie made a fun blanket fort and read his favorite book, "Road Builders."  He loves that book so much.  I have already had to tape it up quite a bit because of all of the love it gets.
Tom cut my hair.  The pile of hair was about the size of a cat.
I love all of my new layers and have the easiest hairstyle to keep up.  I don't do anything to it.  I shower at night and this is what I see in the morning.

I made some super yummy southwest chicken wraps.  We ran out of lime, but it was still super yummy.
We always love to have visits from Grandparents!
(Thanks for the photos Jan!)

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