03 June 2013

Cell Phone Photos

I don't love using my cell phone camera, but when nothing else is available it will do in a pinch.
Charlie eating crackers and reading a book in the tub.
 This reminds me of me.  I know when I was reading Lord of the Rings two winters ago, I would sit in the tub reading while eating popcorn in the evenings after the kids went to bed.
Charlie conducting the non-musical concert. 
Charlie at DI enjoying their basketballs.  He doesn't look happy in the picture, but he was ecstatic.  He was sure sad when I put them back. 
Henry enjoying a ride on the box of winter clothes.
 Charlie wearing my high heels.  He LOVES shoes, anybody's shoes.
Henry surprised at life. 
 Henry and Charlie enjoying their pop-up thingy that I don't know what to call.
 Charlie trying to wear one of my earrings.  It's hard to see it because he jammed it in his ear.
Charlie packing his box for the move.  One blanket, crib bumpers, one little car, and his dump truck.
 Charlie at Soelberg's (our local grocery store) shooting hoops.  We spent about five minutes shooting hoops.  He was pretty sad to go.

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