09 June 2013


This post comes late, but it's probably still worth it.  What is better than a brand new Benz?  Two barfing baby boys in a brand new Benz (can you tell I've been reading Dr. Seuss?).  We went car shopping and came away empty-handed as usual.  Between Grantsville and South Jordan, both kids threw up a combined five times.  Annette called me (she was in the C-class and I was in front of her in the ML) and told me that they must be sick. We stopped at a Shopko to buy some Clorox wipes and Ziploc bags so we could clean up and zip their stink into a bag.  Below is a picture of what children look like when they throw up in public.
Charlie will not let sickness stop him from his one opportunity of driving a brand new Mercedes.  We have only ever had leather seats in our marriage and after an experience like this, we will only ever have leather.  I just feel badly for the guys at the dealership who got to clean some of it up for us.  :)
Here's Henry in denial that he threw up all over himself.
The poor boys were trying so hard not to be bored out of their minds during the wait.
There's the Clorox wipes in the floorboard.
There's Henry's mess all over the parking lot.  Trust me, this got some real attention from many of the used car salesmen.
Passenger side floorboard.
The next day Annette got sick which NEVER happens, and the following day I got sick which usually happens.  The upside: I got to stay home from work for two days.   The downside: we went through every cup in the house really insanely fast.

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