09 April 2013

Silly Duke

Duke, Duke, Duke, what are we going to do with you?  We have our fence up and all, but Duke can dig pretty well and it is a huge fence to Duke-proof.  So we got Duke this chain link kennel thing from our neighbors.  Within an hour he dug out so we lined it with cinderblocks hoping that would keep him in.
On Easter Sunday we were gone all day and came back to find this.  He had moved the cinderblocks and dug out.
The hole is not very deep.  I think it is funny that he took his bone with him. 
He then tried digging out into our neighbor's yard.  Not sure why that didn't continue. 
He then tried digging out to the left of the post.  He moved all of the cement chunks that he could but then decided just to go out to the right of the post.  Thankfully we had the foresight to think he still might be able to dig his way out so we left him roped up in his kennel.  After getting under this fence he only had about 4 feet of rope left.  Our neighbors saw him outside and played with him.  He is a very friendly dog with people, but not so much to other animals.

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