14 April 2013

Current Construction

As you know Charles is putting a sink in the laundry room for me.  Here is the cabinet all stained.  In the picture he is modifying the bottom so that a drawer can go there.  He is the best husband in the world to be willing to do this for me.  He knows that I use the laundry room so much and wants it to be just perfect.  What a sweet hubby.
 We are excavating out our backyard to make it tiered downward so we can have an amazing backyard.  Charles rented a skid steer to do a lot of the first moving of dirt from the back to the side yards where it needs dirt so badly.  
 Here is a picture in progress of some of the dirt moved into where the fruit trees will be going on the north side of the house.  Unfortunately the skid steer's tire got flat and came off of the rim.  We will have to finish renting it next weekend.
 Charlie did a good job of standing where I told him to while I raked the dirt into place.  He slowly got over his fear of the tractor whenever Charles brought a scoop of dirt.

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