26 April 2013

Independent Kids

My mom would always say, "I love having independent children."  We were expected to do as much for ourselves as possible.  When we weren't tall enough to put the dishes in the high cupboard when unloading the dishwasher, we got a chair and climbed up and down putting away dishes.  I learned how to cook my own eggs at a young age and had to make my own lunch for school since kindergarten.  I learned a lot from having to be independent.  Consequently I am teaching Charlie the same things.  The only problem is that he isn't strong enough to actually open the fridge doors.  We'll work on that :)

Henry has been learning how to eat baby food mush and drink water from a cup.  He would NOT take a bottle at all, but seems to really love the cup and is doing quite well at holding it and pouring into his mouth.  So proud of the big little guy.
Charlie loves asserting his independence in feeding himself.  Even if he gets it everywhere I am just happy I don't have to feed him.

 Charlie likes things to be in their places.  He puts clothes in the laundry basket, whether dirty or not.  He puts what he deems trash in the trash can.  He pushes chairs under the table, even Henry's.
Here is my super happy little Henry.  He is a chunker and super tall.
Charlie is such a happy kid. 
I am so proud of my little boys.

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