09 April 2013

Funny Things

Kids are the best.  They provide much needed humor to life.
Charlie loves using utensils even if it is not a utensil type food, hence the fork in the cupcake.
The frosting was amazing so I am not sure why he left it.  I guess he wanted to share with me.
Charlie loves to take showers.  He will ask for a shower whenever near a bathroom.  I turn the shower on and he loves just standing with the water running down his face.  He will often sing in the shower, too.  He doesn't usually close his eyes in the shower, but when I told him to smile he wanted to be silly instead and closed his eyes so I couldn't see him.
Medical dictionary?  Good, he will be able to pay us back for his three heart surgeries :)
 Where did Charlie go?
Charlie was jumping off of his bed when he got the brilliant idea to swing from my ponytail to the ground.  The chiropractor said that it looked like my neck had gotten some pretty bad whiplash.  The dental hygienist I told about it thought it was one of the funniest things she had heard.  It is true.
Charlie is definitely Charles' son.  He loves listening to music.  He will bring me my computer wanting me to turn the music on so he can just sit there and listen to it.  During General Conference he was quite attentive to most of the songs, but rarely the talks.

Henry has learned how to do a v-up.  He loves to lay there, pick up his head and his feet and just hold the position.  What baby does that?

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