18 March 2013

Total Cuteness!

My blog titles for posts are never very creative, with most of them saying something like, "Oh So Cute" or "Cutest Ever"but no other words really describe how cute my little boys are like the word cute.
Here they are being oh so cute and the cutest ever.  It is total cuteness!  I know this in the millionth picture about how Charlie loves being with Henry, but it is so true.  It has really blown me away at how much Charlie absolutely loves Henry; it warms a mother's heart.
The laundry basket was calling Henry's name the other day and I couldn't resist putting him in it on top of the laundry.  The picture doesn't do the cuteness of the scene justice.  You will just have to come visit to see how cute it truly is.
Henry loves to laugh too, but his favorite thing is to squeal!  He loves squealing!  Skip to about 20 seconds for when he starts.
Charlie has been having an explosion of learning recently.  Here he is organizing all of his books in a row.  He had lined them up against the wall first but I guess he decided that the blanket was better.
 Charlie likes to talk on the "phone" a lot and has learned that Dominos are about the right size for a pretend phone.  Back when I was a kid a banana was the right size, but I guess phones have shrunk, and so shrink the pretend phones.
Charlie has lots of fun helping out in the kitchen.  He loves pushing the chairs around so he can be high.  Here he is rolling out the dough to make pasta noodles for dinner that night.  The other day he helped me wash dishes in the sink.  We were both really wet, but it was lots of fun and a good learning time for him.
Charlie has a little electronic toy that plays songs and talks.  Someone gave it to us; I would never have inflicted such noise upon myself, but it looks like he is learning from it.  I noticed that whenever he played with the toy he would stand up and stomp his feet.  After paying attention I noticed that one of the songs says, "stomp your feet."  I didn't even realize he had really ever been paying that close of attention to it.  I didn't really know he knew the word "stomp" but apparently he does.
Charlie has also been learning how to respond to certain questions when we ask him.  If he wants something and just whining I say, "Use your words" to prompt him.  He then responds with a very happy, "Pwease!"  He is so proud of himself.  At first "please" was good enough if he brought me to whatever he wanted but now I require more than that.  At times he forgets what other word he is supposed to use, but with a little prompt he will then say it multiple times.
Two other questions we like to ask Charlie are: "How old are you?" and "Guess what?"
It has been warming up here in Grantsville and Charlie is loving it.  The other day he wanted to go out but I had to get things done in the house so I sent him out by himself.  He wasn't too happy with that idea, but he realized it was better than being stuck inside.  I love having a fence up to keep him in our yard.  He heard the neighbors on the other side and kept trying to look between the fence and ground to see what was happening on the other side.
 He found David's go-cart in our backyard and spent a lot of time playing on that.  He liked grabbing the rearview mirror to look behind him like I do when driving to be able to see him in the backseat.
One day while playing outside Charlie fell face first into the dirt and was covered head to toe.  His after photo here does not show the dirt well unfortunately.
When I was growing up our animals always seemed to do some of the funniest things that kept us laughing.  I think our kids will be able to have that same experience, too.  From our kitchen window I saw Duke laying in a ditch for a sprinkler line for whatever reason.  This reminds me of my dogs, Duke and Socks who would lay (or is it lie, only Nathan or Jan would know) in my mom's little flowerbeds that were on the deck in half of a wooded barrel thing.  I don't think my mom really cared for it, but us kids thought it was great because it looked like the the dogs were little birds sitting upon a nest.
A while back I posted about one of our birds that liked to hang from the top of the birdcage funny.  Well that same bird has a new place to perch.  This is less cooky, but still pretty funny.

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