22 March 2013

Dying Eggs

Here is the grand mess for dying Easter eggs.  I invited my friend over with her two boys to dye eggs at our house.  It was a blast and well worth the entire mess to watch all of the fun they were having being kids.  We have cups full of dyed water, spoons for picking out eggs and plates for... I don't remember why those came out.  Of course the rags are for the dye spilt accidentally and purposefully.  You can see the egg cartons filled with eggs.  The glasses in the cups are to help submerge the eggs that she and I blew out.
Charlie didn't really get the concept of using the spoon to get the egg out.  He also kept wanting to drink the dyed water too.
 Here the boys are taking a break from dying to have a little snack.
 The cheering section.
When we ate our eggs the next day it was fun to look at them.
Charlie had smashed this egg while dying it. 
Charlie couldn't wait to eat his eggs and ripped this one apart. 
All of the pretty egg shells. 
Here are the three eggs that I blew out.  I made small holes on both ends and then used a little baby nose sucker to blow out the yolks and whites.  It was fun, but I just couldn't seem to get it completely blown out so I had to throw them away.  It was a fun experiment.
Now that we did a pagan tradition of Easter, onto the real meaning of Easter.

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