08 March 2013

The Boys

Henry absolutely loves smiling and laughing!  Things are just always so funny.
Charlie loves to hangout with Henry wherever he is, whether with his toys or in his crib.
 Charlie likes to help me cook, especially fling the stuff out of the bowl.  It is lots of fun and the meatloaf still tasted great.
Charles is building an amazing dog house for Duke to keep him nice and warm in the winter.
Since yard work has officially begun this year, Charlie is having fun playing in the dirt once again.
Charlie also enjoys grinding grain.  Really just swinging the thing back and forth.
Charlie likes using the laundry basket and often collects things in it.  I found blankets, shoes and other such items.
It's hard to tell, but here is Duke sitting on the stairs going into our garage.  He likes to sit there and wait for us to open the door.

Now for some fun little movies from the Martin household:
Charlie likes riding his truck around the house.
Henry is so happy and smilie.  He loves putting his fits in his mouth too.
Charlie has become quite fascinated with dogs since getting Duke.  He loves showing Duke his Valentine's Day card which has dogs on it.
Charlie loves anything that resembles a dance floor.
Duke like to dig and get whatever animal he thinks is down in the dirt.  He dug his hole pretty fast considering the ground was still frozen and he was going through ice.

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Nathan and Colleen said...

Maybe Duke can keep your mouse problem down. Have you tried to give him a bath yet?