08 March 2013

Safety First in the Martin Home

I am sure you have all seen those canvas prints of temples that people buy.  Well, I have really wanted one, but they are WAY too expensive.  So, I did it myself, kind of.  I bought the frame at DI and then ordered one of my temple paintings to be printed on canvas.  Once the canvas arrived, I had Charles attach it to the frame with staples.
Of course the wall we wanted to put the painting on was super high and over the stairs, and we don't have a ladder.  We have hung lots of stuff on our wall without a ladder so we figured we could figure something out.  
Materials: 2 food storage buckets, 6 text books (I knew we would use them later), folding table, and a bar stool.  It was actually quite safe and sturdy for the most part.
 I weigh less than Charles so I was the one risking my life to hang the painting; and I was the one that wanted it up.
 Charles walked me through everything and helped make sure I was stabilized during the whole process.
 There it is up on the wall.  I know it looks high, but that is for a purpose.  I want to put individual family photos below it.  So once I get around to doing that, it will then look correct.

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