28 October 2012

Gingerbread Houses

I am really into Christmas right now since here in Utah it feels like Christmas in California, minus the snow we just got.  I have tried to refrain from putting up all of the Christmas decorations, but I have started listening to Christmas music and got out our Christmas blanket.  And last night Charles was so nice to me to humor me in making gingerbread houses while every other sensible person was out celebrating Halloween.
Before getting into the house that we made last night, I wanted to point out a few ways that I have matured my gingerbread house making skills.  As a kid we always had fun making gingerbread houses, of course though we always used graham crackers instead.  After actually making gingerbread I can see why graham crackers were SO MUCH EASIER!  Also, as a kid the whole goal was to pack as much candy as possible onto your house because that meant you got more to eat later.  Consequently I would make a little house and a huge candy garden.  This time around I actually tried to make our house look nice.  I probably wasn't as tempted to throw as much candy on since all of the extra candy is ours to eat anyway.
Here is our cute little cottage with its Christmas lights on.  There is a little couple sitting on the front porch in their chairs and a mail box on the left of the house.
 On the right of the house is a wreath, dog house, and well.
 We had our friends come over and this is their cute little house.  I love their shutters and rail around their porch.  They have such cute little flower beds with chickens out front.  On the left is their little manger scene.
I really like their little chimney. 
Charlie was really good while we made our houses.  The only things that he begged for was the graham crackers and pretzels that we had out.  I am so glad that Charlie doesn't know what candy is or last night would have been so hard since we had about 12 or so different kinds of candy out.

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