09 October 2012

Yard Progression for 2012

Charles and I, especially Charles, has worked long and hard on our front yard making sure that everything he did was engineered amazingly.  Here is a before picture of our yard since I am sure you can't imagine a house with just dirt :)
Here is our side yard.  We decided to divide it in half.  Half grass and half a flower bed.  The flowerbed will come next year.  Charles did the sprinkler system for it, but it needs a TON more dirt to get it to the level that we want.  We dragged the three boulders up front, but they will eventually get moved further into the flowerbed.  You can also see our new mailbox that isn't yet finished.  Charles has slowly been making it.  It will eventually have rock all over it.
Side yard close up of boulders and trees, yes, there are actually two trees.  There is a little tiny tri-color beech tree that may or may not live.
 Here is the front park strip in front of the main side of the yard.  We LOVE the huge rock that we put in it and the four different types of trees.  In our entire front yard we have a total of nine trees that are all different.
Here is the front of our main yard.  In the top left corner of the lawn where we have an oak tree and boulder, there will eventually be a flower bed and a waterfall.  On the bottom right corner of the lawn, we will have another waterfall and a huge flowerbed.
 Here is a picture of the future huge flowerbed.  Where the cinder block little wall is will be the beginning of the water fall that will be on the grass side of things.  If all these descriptions don't make sense, you can come to our house and we will give you the huge grand tour of what our yard will look like one day.
We also had 1/3 of our fence installed this year.  We are only installing the sides as our adjoining neighbors decide to put up a fence.  We decided to go with SimTek as our fence since regular vinyl isn't our favorite because of the little holes it can get, the smudges, and such.  The fence is on the south side of our house (left side, if facing the house).  We didn't spring for the portion of the fence that will connect up to our house.  (The house in the photo is our neighbors.)


Nathan and Colleen said...

Congratulations, It looks good. I bet you're glad it's done. Are you going to plant any bulbs this fall in your flower bed for next spring. I like tulips, daffodils and grape hyacinth.

Annette Martin said...

I wasn't going to, but my friend just gave me a TON so I will.