16 February 2011

Married Life

Annette thought I should share this story. I was awakened the other night in the wee hours of the night/morning by Annette slapping me in the face. I was, as you might expect, jolted awake unlike ever before. To make things weirder, she was saying, "Say something!" It seemed as though she thought I was somewhere in the Land of the Living Dead. So I probably said something like, "What!? What's wrong?" In my mind I was saying, "Stop slapping me! What the devil!" She asked if I had been awake and I told her I had been sleeping like a baby (or better than a baby since most don't sleep very well) until she started slapping me. Apparently, she had awakened and looked over at me. Even though I was sleeping, she thought that through the darkness she could see me staring at her and just smiling and not saying anything at all. She thought that eventually I would say something, but since I wasn't it was creeping her out and she commanded me to say something. When I didn't, she started slapping me and that's when I woke up as though someone was experimenting on me with automated electronic defibrilators. I told her that I didn't know how she could think such a thing since I'm not a smiler during the day (I'm happy, but don't smile as much as I should) so why would I be at night? Anyway, we both think this story is kind of funny. Just one of those quirky fun things that make marriages cute--REALLY cute when someone as cute as Annette is involved. :-D

Speaking of cute, here's a picture of my beautiful wife (and me) at the American Fork East Stake Valentine's Day Dance on Friday.

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