10 February 2011

Baby Boy!!!

Here are two pregnancy photos so far.  I think that I might be slightly bigger now, but not too much.

The ultrasound was a fun event.  I didn't know if Charles would have a job by the time it came, so I invited my mom and my mother-in-law to accompany me.  It was such a fun experience!  The sonographer was very nice and thorough.  She explained what we were looking at and what types of problems she was looking for and such.  Near the end we finally got to see if it was a boy or girl.  It was pretty obvious that it was a boy.

Charles had thought it was a girl and was pretty sure about it.  I wanted a boy, but I really wasn't leaning one way or another too much.

Here are some of the boy's first pictures:

After finding out that it was a boy, my mom and I went maternity shopping and found lots of cute clothes.  I never knew that maternity clothes could be so cute and comfortable.  The best thing is that we were able to find three nice dresses that were actually modest!

Later that day we picked David up to go see a play at the Hale Center Theatre to watch The Foreigner (It was the best play EVER).  When I went into his apartment I by far got the best reaction from my cousin Cody about me looking pregnant.  It was great!  The little bump is hard to see depending on my clothing choice so whenever it seems like I look more pregnant it makes it a lot more real.  With seeing the baby, finding out it is a boy, and buying maternity clothes, I started to feel pregnant.  But with Cody's reaction to my size, I officially feel pregnant!  Thanks Cody!

As you can see with my greater use of exclamation marks, this is obviously a very exciting time for me and love being a Mommy-to-be!


Cody Hatch said...

I wasn;t that bad was I?

Annette and Charles said...

It wasn't bad, it was great!