03 February 2011

The Baby ! ! !

The baby enjoys doing many things, such as:

  • jumping on the waterbed (Mommy's bladder)
  • kickboxing
  • ninja moves of all kinds
  • rolling/twisting
  • the hokey pokey
  • stretching all limbs at the same time
  • waking up early in the morning (4:30am) and creating just enough movement that it wakes Mommy

Those activities are fairly recent and still quite infrequent (except the morning one, that happens everyday), but I assume that this baby will really start being quite active as the time passes.

We get to find out if the baby is either a boy or a girl on Tuesday the 8th of February. It will be good for us to start trying some names out on the baby to see what names he/she likes. If you have any opinions on the gender or good names let us know.

Other neat things in our life:

  • Charles might get a job soon . . .
  • I am doing well in my classes and really enjoying all of the classes and teachers, this is quite a change from last semester where I didn't like the classes or the teachers.
  • Our living room is officially all finally put together and looks quite nice for using what we have.
  • The rest of our house is coming along quite well. All but two boxes are unpacked, but we fear we are missing a box. We keep thinking of things we just can't seem to find and all of those things fall into the same category of items that would be packed together. The mystery of the missing box . . .
  • We have lots of friends in our new ward and we are absolutely loving it. I have never had strong feelings for a ward and was always pretty okay with moving out, but I LOVE our ward and really never want to leave. If we have to move, leaving our ward will be the hardest trial for me.
  • We are loving being Sunday School teachers for the 14 and 15 year olds. We have quite a large class, but are having fun learning.
  • My work has officially ended! It was a great job, but it is definitely nice to have time to do well in my classes, clean our house, and cook. With Charles being unemployed he has done all of the domestic house things, but once he has a job he won't have much time for those things with him being in school as well.

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