28 September 2010

Random thoughts by Annette

I have decided that everyone should work three genres of jobs in their lives.  These three genres are food, sales/retail, and menial labor.  I have worked these three types of jobs and think it has built my character... has given me greater respect for those people who do it.  I understand them better and have compassion on them.  I think about how I could make their job easier and less awful whenever I interact with them.

This Saturday Charles and I went to DI for a fun outing in the morning.  I REALLY like DI!  There were a lot of really neat things there.  Charles has always wanted some glass mixing bowls like what his parents have, so while we were there I saw a bowl that looked exactly like the one his parents have.  Charles was so excited!  He ended up getting four bowls that are similar and all stack nicely.  As we were picking them out, a lady started telling us all about them and how they are from the 60's, she must be a frequent DI shopper.

As well when we were at DI, I saw all of the goblets.  I have always loved goblets and since they were so cheap I got eight of them.  We also got our friend's birthday present there, they were salt and pepper shakers in the shape of a barrel with wooded handles with "Idaho" written on the side.  They were really cute.  I think I will be doing more of my shopping at DI for everything from now on.  I am still a little bit sketchy on the clothes there.  I did however get two sweaters there, one for me and one for Charles.  The sweaters are part of our Halloween costumes that I have started to think about.  I am proud of myself for figuring out our costumes before the 31st.  I don't know if I should let the entire world know my fabulous idea though, but I'll give you a clue...


Anonymous said...

You're the cutest wife EVER!

Annette and Charles said...

Above comment from Charles.