05 October 2010

Haircuts all around . . .

On Saturday, Charles' dad, Tom, cut my hair into lots of layers.  I just love how my hair is now!

Charles' hair has been getting as long as mine, so I cut it down to the nub.

Charles is not talking about any of BYU's last few games in which they have lost everyone.  I am glad that we didn't buy All Sports Passes this year. (Now Charles Talking) BYU Football is like the seasons.  They have seasons when they're great and seasons when they're not so great.  The goal is to minimize the bad seasons and maximize the good seasons.  I've already hunkered down for this winter.  I'm just praying that summer will come before next August. 

Charles still doesn't know if his job is permanent even though the second deadline has come and gone.  Charles will probably stay a temp until the day he starts his own company.  I can't wait! (Now Charles Talking)  I'm not going to attempt too much until I've finished my masters degree.  But you all just wait...big things will happen in my professional life.  I hope.  In the mean time, I'll just write a book or something.  If anyone has a good idea for the title of it, scream.

General Conference is as wonderful as always!  Hearing the words of the prophet and the apostles is such an amazing thing to know how to become better.

During conference I finished sewing our Halloween costumes!  I can't wait!

We ate out at Sam Hawk for Charles' friend's, BJ, birthday.  It is DELICIOUS Korean food and I recommend that if you are ever in need of food in Provo, go there!  I LOVE it!  (Now Charles Talking)  When Annette says the Korean food is delicious, what she really means is that it is so hot that it could burn the corrosion off of your battery terminals.  In fact, it just might burn through your whole battery.  She has quite a tolerance to spicy hot foods that I could only dream of having.  But, it does have good flavor and if you're a masochist like me, you'll eat it anyway and enjoy the tears streaming down your face.

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