08 September 2010

Our Life as it is Now..

I finished my Summer classes and am now starting Fall semester with Hearing Science, Speech Anatomy, Biology 100 (yes, I know that I am a senior, but I really just haven't wanted to take this class), and English 316.  I am pretty excited, I have never had a semester with so few classes and am excited to be back in school.  Other good news that recently happened was as work.  I get payed $10 an hour, but my boss told me that this year they were doing 3% raises for people who have worked there since February 1st, unfortunately I didn't get hired till February 4th.  She didn't know if I would get the raise.  I thought, no big deal, what my salary would be $10.30 an hour.  So on Friday when I looked at my pay check I saw that my hourly rate was $12 an hour!  Wow I don't know how that happened, but I hope that wasn't an error on their part. . . I guess we will see next Friday.  Could they take it away if they made a mistake?

My baby, I mean my computer, recently went to the hospital, I mean the Apple Store, in Salt Lake for a simple repair on the hinge.  Since it was still under warranty it was fixed for free, but when I got it back the screen no longer lit up hardly at all when I turned on the computer.  So we rushed the baby to the ER, sorry, I mean we dropped my Mac back at the Apple Store again.  They said that since it was  their fault it completely broke and was not repairable that they gave me a credit for a new computer, I did although decide to upgrade to a MacBook Pro, 13".  It is so beautiful!!!  Now I have a new baby (my computer is my temporary baby till we have a few of our own, but before that I have my Mac)

On Sunday Charles and I substituted for a primary class of ten year olds.  I forgot what ten year olds are like, short attention span.  I think we did a fairly good job of teaching.  We got through all of the scriptural material about half way through the class and then spent the next half of class applying it in our lives.  It was hard to tie some of their random comments into the lesson, but I think it worked out all right.

On Friday my Mom and Larry came into town and took us and all my cousins who are hear at school out to Brickoven.  It was a fun dinner with everyone!  It was fun to hear what everyone was up to and such.

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Deanna said...

I didn't take Bio 100 till my senior year too. It just never quite fit into my schedule. It was kinda weird being in a class with freshman, I must admit, but it was definitely a piece of cake class. Enjoy every minute of school. I really miss it now that it's gone :(