11 August 2009


My dad never uses the word "haircut" in English. He always says it in German--haarschnitt. Probably every dad who served a foreign speaking mission does that. Certain words just stick with you. Anyway, I gave Annette a haarschnitt today. It was a blast. Things went well considering that I'm not sure how many fingers I have anymore and I had a big "Oops!" where I took a chunk of her hair out where I wasn't supposed to. I hope she doesn't ever find where. The beautiful thing is, she has TONS of GORGEOUS hair. It's the type of hair that is so amazing that I probably could have shaved a Nike swoosh in the back of her head and people would still be so mesmerized by the beauty of her hair that they wouldn't even notice. We kind of ran out of time for her to cut my hair and she wanted to see my dad do it one more time so he just cut my hair. We'll put pictures up of her whacking my hair off in a couple of months. But here are a few of me taking her hair off.


Nathan and Colleen said...

How much got cut off? Do we get an after picture?

Annette and Charles said...

I asked Charles to cut off 1 inch when I really needed about 3 inches off because of split ends. In the end though, Charles cut off three inches.

Marilyn said...

Wow! Annette you are one brave woman!