02 November 2014

Some Sewing

So before Elizabeth was born I made her this dress to match my doll's bonnet.  She out grew the dress after one Sunday, but the bonnet was still too big, so...

I revamped the bonnet and...

made her another dress

With the extra ribbon I made the boys bow ties.

I realized that Charles had a matching tie so I had to make a matching skirt for myself.

I made Lizzy this cute headband.  Henry calls them band-aides.

I had a princess style dress, but didn't care for the style any longer so I chopped it up and made a skirt for myself...
... and one for Elizabeth (sorry the picture is rotated)

This head wrap thingy for Elizabeth used to be a tie of Charles' that he no longer wore.  I made two bow ties for the boys (not pictured) and this for Lizzy.

Since she didn't have a matching dress I made her one.  She wore a cute little sweater with it.

And then I made a skirt for myself.

This skirt used to be one of Charles' shirts.  Sorry none of these photos are great.  I was trying to take them quickly and didn't have Charles' help.

And I made this skirt from a pleated, high waisted skirt that my mom wore in college.

I finally finished our Christmas advent calendar.  It is a little different than the one I grew up with.  I made the pockets three dimensional so that I could fit larger items in them.  I made it more of a "city" scene with the church, homes, snowman, and nativity scene that maybe someone might put up in the town.  The baby Jesus and star are actually Dec 1 and the sheep and camel will be Dec 2, but I wanted to put them out for the picture.

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