02 November 2014

The Little Moments of Life, Prince Philip Included

I read Sleeping Beauty to the boys.  They refer to the book as, "The dragon book!"  Their favorite part of the book is when Prince Philip kills the dragon.  Charlie has been pretending to be Prince Philip all day.  He throws his sword (screwdriver) at the dragon (blanket on the floor).  He kisses Princess Aurora (Elizabeth) and she wakes up.  Then he does it 100 more times.  Henry enjoys it by pretending to be scared of the dragon, "Dragon!  Fire!, banana, bread."  He gets a little distracted by the idea of food.  I finally showed them the dragon clip from Sleeping Beauty.  They loved it!
(And there are a few more random videos of our kids on our YouTube channel if you want to check them out.)

I had this ribbon thingy around and so I just had to put it on Elizabeth since it looks so ridiculous.  And, no, she actually does not have an outie belly button, it is just her little herniated belly button getting much better.  It kind of looks like a button.  She sure is as cute as a button.

Look at that smile and those cheeks!

Charlie was running around the house, tripped and chomped his tongue half way through.  This picture shows pretty much nothing of how bad it was.  It really has been amazing to see how fast and well his tongue has healed.  Our dentist said that he probably needed stitches, but it is fine.  Just a little tiny scar that is barely noticeable.

Henry was cuddling-ish.  He pretends that the white crayons are chapstick and will apply it to his lips.  Since it is so close to his mouth it often slips in between his lips so he takes a few nibbles.  Once he took so many nibbles he ended up puking the chewed up crayon out at my feet while I was cooking dinner.  Yummy...

The boys loved their balloons from going to the dentist.  Both of the boys sat perfectly well in the chair and allowed the hygienist and dentist to totally do their thing.  It may have helped that the day before, they saw me get my teeth cleaned.  And, as well, Charles makes them lay down when he brushes their teeth, so the general position wasn't too strange.  They did know that they would get a balloon if they cooperated.

After I got Lizzy ready for the day in her non-gender-stay-at-home clothes, Charlie thought she was so cute that he wanted to take a picture of her.  So he did, pretty much by himself.  I helped a little, but not much.  I have a little photographer in the making.

Charles changed the oil in the transfer case of the Benz hoping that the clunking sound would stop.  He looks very scientific in his smock, gloves, and using a syringe.  It didn't solve the problem, but it helped.

I love Lizzy's smiles and expressions!  I started calling her Lizzy because Henry can say Lizzy and I am a little tired of him calling her Biss, Bith, Biff, or Bi.  He is transferring to Lizzy slowly but surely.

Lizzy is very excited to be able to sit at the table like a big kid.  I love Henry in the background of the photo eating whatever.  Speaking of eating, the boys thoroughly love oatmeal that Charles makes for them now that it is cold.

For Halloween the boys were cows.  I made their costumes out of smocks that Charles has to wear when going into clean rooms at work.  He brought two used ones home for the boys.  Here in good ole' PA they make the different townships trick-or-treat on different nights for whatever reason.  So the boys went out on Thursday in our neighborhood and then on Halloween in another.  We let one of Charles' coworkers who loves trick-or-treating take them up to each home while we walked behind and kissed.  We let the boys gorge themselves on candy for the night and then let her take the rest home so that we didn't have anymore.  

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Felipe Roberson said...

Indeed, she's as cute as a button! As for you guys going to the dentist, I think making them watch you getting your teeth cleaned is a good idea. They'll know what would happen when it's their turn, and that it's not scary at all. Of course, the balloon works too. Thanks for sharing!

Felipe Robertson @ Gerald Regni, DMD