10 July 2014

Happy Independence Day

For the 4th of July we decided to stay home and do home projects.  Charlie decided he wanted to do the dishes.

We had a fun BBQ outside.  The boys like to bring their chairs outside while Charles grills.

The master chef.

Elizabeth was happy inside.

And Annette ate and ate.

We had fun doing sparklers outside.  Charlie enjoyed it a lot.

Henry was a little uncertain about them and only wanted to do one.

The boys played with Elizabeth as we continued texturing our kitchen.


I love this little hat on Henry.  Also, we went to bed early on Friday night and the boys slept through all of the fireworks.  I love having great little sleepers.

Henry and Charlie like to dance.  Dancing doesn't usually end this way, but you never know what is going to happen with kids.

Henry and Charlie like to say the word, "boys" softly and then loudly over and over again.  They were a little distracted in the movie, but you get the idea.

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