23 July 2014

Five Year Anniversary Trip

We went on a little trip for our anniversary.  It was a grand total of about 28 hours long and Elizabeth came along and ruined our night, but it was still a nice little getaway.  We went to the Pocono Mountains about 2 hours northeast and stayed at a little bed and breakfast.  Not my favorite place, but it worked.

The next day we went to the Bushkill Waterfalls which were amazing, even at $12.50 a person.  It was a nice little stroll that took us about 3 hours because we wanted to go slowly.  It was nice and shady the entire time with cool mist in the air at the waterfalls.  Some people were surprised that we were doing such a "rigorous" hike with our little baby.  We told them that it was nothing compared to hiking Zion's while pregnant and carrying Charlie in the blazing heat.

Here is the largest main falls.

I loved all of the moss and greenery.

There were some very cool rocks under the water that had a copper color to them from being under the water.

There wasn't food allowed on the trail, but Elizabeth still ate :)

These are part of the roots for a large tree.  They looked awesome with how they have grown over the rocks. 

Charles thought this snake was pretty cool.  Especially because it has smoky blue eyes.  But really the only good snake is a dead snake.

I have no idea how a tree would have grown all twisty, but it sure looked cool.

I like Elizabeth's half smile.

And then her ridiculous face.

She decided to rest in a tree for a while because of all of her hiking :)  Charles is propping her up.

Sadness, but oh so cute.

These type of bridge walkways were everywhere and that why it was $12.50 a person I presume.

The water looks like Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh.

It was a very fun 28 hours away from the boys and on the way home we stopped at the world's largest Cabela's in Hamburg, PA and bought a gun safe.  

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