06 April 2014


The boys are really good at sleeping when they are tired.  We really don't have to struggle much to get them to go to sleep.  It is a little difficult now that it is still light outside at 7 PM for bedtime, but they are still pretty darn good.  Henry is good at taking naps during the day and will put himself to bed.  Just today Charles told Henry to go take a nap so Henry walked to his room, crawled into bed and went to sleep.

Being pregnant I have been sleeping a ton during the day.  This is how Charles found the three of us one day when he came home from work.  Charlie, Henry, and I are all sleeping together with the stuffed animals on Charlie's bed.  I am glad Charles took a photo.

We needed to wake up the boys so that they would be ready for bed.  We knew it would be difficult to get them to awaken so we decided to video it, here is the YouTube link (Blogger kept not being able to find this video from my YouTube channel even though it could find my other videos.  So, I hope this works.).

They are so good at sleeping through noise.  At night if one of them needs help and is crying the other will totally sleep through the entire thing.  A while ago Charlie threw up in bed and I had to change all of his bed sheets and such and bathe Charlie.  Through all of the noise and lights Henry stayed completely asleep.

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