24 April 2014

Elizabeth Martin

Short Version:
Elizabeth Martin was born.

Long Version:
Thursday Annette had a doctor's appointment.  The doctor said that the baby was so low and that I was dilated pretty far that a few good contractions and the baby may just come right out fast.  The last thing that I wanted was to have the baby at home.  With that and the fact that Charles started his new job on my due date (Monday the 21st) we decided to go ahead and have Annette's water broken.

Friday morning we dropped off the boys at a friend's house where they played all day and had tons of fun.  Charles and Annette headed down to the hospital.

Annette had already been having contractions, so after breaking her water around 10:30 they were a bit more.  We walked up and down the hall to help things along.  They eventually gave Annette a low dose of pitocin to get the ball rolling.

Annette had decided forego the epidural and was doing okay with the pain.  She did eventually ask for some pain relief via her IV.  The pain medication unfortunately didn't relieve the pain and made her want to pass out and highly irritated at everything.  She couldn't really control her emotions and started screaming through all of the pain.

Once she felt the baby start to come she gave one huge, long push and sent the baby out.  Charles looked at Annette for a split second to give some encouragement and almost missed the baby's entry into the world.

After the birth the doctor told us that in all of her years as an OBGYB she had never heard anyone scream so long and loud.  I guess there is a first for everything.  Annette says that although Elizabeth's birth was only four hours long she would have much rather taken Charlie's or Henry's 20 hour labor and delivery over Elizabeth's four hours.

Elizabeth weighed in at 7 lbs 3 oz and 19 inches long.  She came out of the womb screaming but settled down after a little bit.  She has blonde hair with a possible tint of brown or possibly red.  Her eyes are a vibrant dark blue.

The boys came to visit her the evening she was born.  They weren't terribly interested since they were hungry.  They did eventually get around to saying "hi."  Charlie has taken a bit of interest in her and wants to talk about what she is doing.  Henry generally ignores her, but doesn't understand why he can't crawl over Annette all of the time any more.

Elizabeth is sleeping well during the day and night.  She is a great little nurser and pooper.

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Myrna said...

Well, if Annette can scream, it ought to be okay for Elizabeth to scream too, right?

Congratulations on another beautiful baby!