08 April 2014

General Conference and a New Job

We enjoyed General Conference as much as possible between me being sick and having to go to the hospital and Charles trying to run the house without assistance while trying to catch a little bit of GC.  This will definitely be one of those conferences where I have to re-listen to every single talk because I was really out of it even though I was sitting right in front of the computer watching.  Here is a cute picture of the men to make it all better though.

Charles' company, to say the least, isn't very loyal to their employees and is constantly hiring and laying off employees all of the time.  Charles got cut since the product he was in charge of wasn't selling like the company thought it would.  So they let him go with a ton of other people.  But, there is already a bright side to all of this.  The Monday just before Charles lost his job I had invited a new family in our ward over for FHE.  I hadn't felt like I had felt the Spirit tell me to, but it absolutely was the Spirit.  The family came over and the husband told us about his new job as a manufacturing engineer.  He then said, "They need more engineers so if you want a new job they have positions."  Charles politely said, "That's good to know, but I have a decent job."  That night both Charles and I had the same thoughts of, "Maybe Charles should just switch jobs."  Totally the Spirit.  Then on Wednesday Charles lost his job.  Charles got things going with the new company and will begin work on the baby's due date.  And just incase you only look at our blog for cute pictures, here is another one.

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Myrna said...

Well, that is awesome! What a blessing! I hope Charles enjoys the new job, and that the company is better to work for. And cute pictures!