27 December 2012

Trip to CA for David and Laura's Wedding

Our family headed down to California before Christmas for David and Laura's wedding and some beautiful 60 degree weather.  The evening we flew in our flight was delayed and we ended up getting to my Grandma's house at midnight.  We then got up early for my brother's wedding at the LA Temple.  The wedding, luncheon, and reception, were all so lovely!  Charlie and Henry were as good as expected for such a long day and a terrible night before.
Charlie had fun kissing all of his cousins.  Charlie sure is quite an affectionate boy.  Tara and Gideon got the brunt of the kisses since he was closest to his level.
Sleeping at Grandma's house was a bit hard on Charlie since he didn't have a designated bed sleeping on the floor.  We always knew that he moved around a lot at night, but since he was in our room we got to see first hand how much he moved around.  He sleeps on his stomach and slowly inches around while sleeping.  One morning he ended up with half of his body under the bed (the photo below is just before he went further under the bed).  Every time I was up in the night with Henry, Charlie was always in a different area of the room.
It was such a fun trip to have all of my siblings all together.  We sure enjoyed California's "cold" weather.

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