06 December 2012

At Home with the Boys

I absolutely love these little pajamas.  I think he kind of looks like a merman in them :)
 Henry isn't much of a wiggler while he sleeps, like Charlie is.  He will stay perfectly bundled all through the night.  You can see in this picture Charlie's hand poking through the crib to touch Henry.  It took him a little bit of time, but he learned that if he pulls the bumper down, he can see Henry sleeping.
 Charlie also thinks going under the crib is a great place.
 Henry enjoys going on his tummy and looks like such a little bug.
 Henry can sure stretch out his legs.  Henry loves to be stretched out.  It is now his preferred way to sleep.  Charlie on the other hand still likes to scrunch his knees up to his chest when settling down for sleep.

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