03 September 2012

Charlie is Such a Boy

All growing up, seeing little girls do little girl things was always cute.  I never knew that little boys doing little boy things would be so cute too, if not more cute.  I love watching Charlie do all the things little boys love to do.
- play with cars
- flipping through the pages of a book as fast as possible
- digging in the dirt
- drinking as much as a camel
- grunt and make all sorts of boy noises
- getting his clothes dirty everyday
- bounce and throw balls
- be as loud as possible
- starving even though he just ate a huge meal an hour ago
- laugh as much as possible
- wiping his hands down the walls when going by
- bang the cupboard doors as loud and as fast as possible
- experiment with things just to see how they work
- copy what other people do, even if he is too little
- runaway from us when we try to catch him
- splash as much as possible in the bath
- not understand what a doll is
- walking backwards
- pushing chairs around the kitchen
- slipping in the tub or pouring water on his face and thinking it is great fun
- pull the cat's tail
- runaway naked from us
- play in spilt water
- drop toys anywhere when done with it
- running as fast as he can or running in circles for no reason
I know that these aren't all specific to boys and some can be tiring to deal with as a parent, but these are the great joys of raising a boy.  I am so excited to have another.  These boys will be great men!

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