02 June 2012

Future Email of One of Charlie's Many Future Girlfriends :)

Dear Mom,
     So, I am dating this guy named Charlie Martin who is the BEST!  He is so smart...

(Charlie uses his feet for a ton of stuff besides crawling.  He puts them on books, uses them to bring toys closer to him, and uses them on his toys to push buttons to make the toy play its song.)

(Charlie also knows exactly which button to push on the radio in his room to turn it on.  He has it on within a second of crawling over to it and never accidentally turns it off.)

After he studies for a long time he likes to take a nap, 
 When he gets tired he holds his ears; it is pretty darn cute.
 But even though he is tired he is still super funny and has a great smile!
 Charlie can always make me laugh.  He can make some of the funniest faces.
 Although comical, Charlie is a great businessman.  Look at that cute pen in his shirt!
 Charlie plays just as hard as he works.  He enjoys the digging in the sand at the beach.
 Charlie also loves spending time with his parents.
 (This isn't the greatest photo of Charlie, but I like the way I look so the picture went up.)

Charlie is so good at being patient while I pose him for pictures.
 And of course Charlie is so laid back.  He is just so darn adorable.
         (Charlie's Girlfriend)             

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