25 June 2012

Charlie's Cheery Charming Challenges

Charlie has finally learned to feed himself for the most part.  This is a REALLY BIG accomplishment for us.  Most kids eat everything; Charlie refused to feed himself everything.  Cheering for every bite was the only way we got him to finally feed himself.  He still refuses to feed himself Cheerios, but he has learned to eat his little foam letters.  
Charlie is sporting his foam letters here in his hair-"DO."
This is the way Charlie "cleans up" his toys.  As long as you can't see them then they must be put away :)  That's how Mommy used to do it, too.
Charlie loves Mondays because it means it is laundry day.  He loves playing in the laundry room since his voice makes funny sounds in the machine and there are pretty lights on the display.  And the spinning of the machine is just so fun.
 We went on a ward campout.  The campsite was more of a manicured park than a campsite, but it was good for a large group of people with kids.  Charlie had fun playing with other people's toys.
 Meeting all of the kids in the ward and hanging out with them instead of his parents.
 And playing with the dog that was there.
It was pretty fun and Charlie sure enjoyed it.  We did have a pretty rough night though since Charlie went to bed at 11ish (4 hours late) and then kept randomly crying until 2 in the morning for one reason or another.  It was a definite learning experience for us to figure out how to camp with a little kid. 

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