05 February 2012

Fun Things

When Charlie is on his tummy this is the normal look that I get from him.

And here is Charlie's normal reaction when I put him on his tummy... 

"I am going over!"

"HAHAHA!  You can't keep me on my tummy long."

So besides having fun, dirty faces lately from eating real food Charlie has started doing this with his jaw/lips.  It is so darn cute!

Why choose one finger when you can have more than one?

Post bath cuteness.

During meal time today Charlie thought it was funny to rest his head on the table while he ate.

Charlie does not want to drink from a cup or anything for that matter.   He tried so hard to keep Daddy's hand away.

I thought that it was time that Charles and I showed our faces on the blog.

So here we are.  We still do exist even though most of our blog is Charlie.  Oh, I made this skirt with pockets.

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