01 May 2011

Ramblings from a Pregnant Lady

My train of thought while being pregnant has become as if everything is a tangent.  So, if you can't follow my logic in writing, there really is none.  Oh, mi speling haz gottin tenn timez wors allsoe.

I have been thinking so much about having a little baby.  It is always on the forefront of my mind because he is so active in my belly and loves to learn new tricks to keep me jumping.  I love being almost a mom.  As I think about Mother's Day, I think about how many times my mother brought a new baby into the world.  I think about how my mother-in-law raised a perfect son.  I think about all the mothers new and old who have given themselves to raising children.  I am thankful to them for their great example.  I feel like I have more courage to be a great mother by seeing everyone's examples.  I love seeing mothers with new babies who are still learning how to do things.  It gives me confidence that even though I may not know the ins and outs of being a mother, I can still do it.

I am very excited to be a mommy and for Charles to be a daddy.  Charles is notorious for having little babies just absolutely love him.  Yesterday I went to Rose's baby shower and at the end, Charles showed up with the other husbands and as we were sitting there chatting, this little baby girl just lunged to be Charles' arms.  It was so cute!!!  Our little boy is going to absolutely love Charles!

I love this process of being pregnant.  This will probably be the only time of my life where I am with my baby 100% of the time.  It is Mommy and Baby always.  Once it is born, other people will want to hold him and my 100% time with him will end.  It will be so exciting to actually be able to see the baby though.  I do love watching him move around in my tummy, stretching in all sorts of ridiculous ways.  It is funny that when a baby is born they seem to never move and be as still as a statue, but before then they move more than a monkey!

I am very excited to be a mom.  I am fine with everyone giving me advice, because I know most will want to.  But you will just have to know that I might not listen to half of it.  Heck, it seems like most of the advice I get for being pregnant, half of it contradicts what others say or just doesn't apply to me for my situation.  Everyone is different and that is the beauty of it all.  Some babies cry all the time and some never make a peep and it is not always dependent on how well the mom is being a mom.  It is just who the baby is.  I can't wait to know who my baby is.  But I am cherishing these last two months as such a precious gift.

I am so thankful for the Lord's hand in deciding when to bring this baby into our lives.  It is the Lord's will and I know that whoever my baby is, it is the baby I am supposed to have and he will be born exactly when he is supposed to.  I have no worries.  Well, that is false, I worry that because I am such a klutz that I might drop the baby because they look so small and frail, but then again, I don't think that will happen.

I am looking forward to being a Mommy!

These are some pictures out of our bedroom window yesterday morning.  I was ready to open Christmas presents when I saw all the snow.

I made pretzels the other day and they were SO deliriously tasty!!

So, can store-bought salsa which has always been in the fridge go bad?  Ours tastes way funky like it has alcohol in it from fermenting.  It hasn't been in our fridge THAT long; we go through that stuff fairly quickly.  But is it possible for it to go bad?

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