14 May 2011

Bigger Baby Bump

Here are two more recent photos of my baby bump.  I don't care for how my face looks.  It looks like I am gaining weight in my face, but I don't think I am.  I don't look like that when I look in the mirror.  Oh well.  I hope you enjoy them.  Oh, I am 33 weeks pregnant now!

Me with my sisters-in-law who are both pregnant also.

Charles and me!  I still haven't past him up in weight, but I can't wait until I do!

The baby has been VERY active lately.  I thought he was active before, but this is extreme!  He loves sticking his leg (or other body part) as far out in my right side as possible.  He goes far and then goes even farther.  One time he went fairly high on my right side and it felt as though he was ripping my lowest rib away from the rest.  I now spend most of my time with my hand on my side to keep him from ripping a hole in my side and popping out.  Well, I guess it will probably only get worse since he will only get bigger and better at his fun games.

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