14 June 2010

I forgot to mention that on Memorial Day after going to the Zoo we spent quite a bit of time in the Salt Lake Cemetery looking at graves and finding all of the prophets' graves.  It was so much fun.

Spring Semester at BYU is coming to a close for me.  Things are finishing up, it is very bitter sweet for me because I am very excited that I will be done with my math class, but very sad that my ASL 201 class will be ending.  My teacher for ASL was my absolute favorite ever and I wish that class would never end.  She always had the best stories to tell us and taught us so much about ASL.

We finally got the specialized license plates for my car.  In Russian, our cars now say "Beauty" (KPACOTA) and "Beast"(3BEP6)

Charles was very excited about the FIFA world cup and was distraught when we only tied England.

We went and saw the Orem SummerFest fireworks.  It was lots of fun and I can't wait to take photos of the ones for 4th of July.

We watched "Arsenic and Old Lace" recently.  It was still as it was when I was a kid and watched it.

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