16 May 2010

The Usual Week

Well, I am not sure what we did this week, all I remember is that I studied for over 15 hours for my second math test.  I got an 85% which was better than I was expecting.  I also spent about 4 hours reading "When the Mind Hears" which is an amazingly well written book on how ASL developed and how it came to the US.  I have to read the book for my ASL 201 class and highly recommend it to anyone that would like to be culturally edified.  It is a pretty thick book to read in one semester, but it is deeply interesting and I would be done with the entire thing if I didn't have to go to work.

Charles' illness last Sunday went away that evening, but his stomach has still been quite tender and so he is finally getting around to eating more real foods.

We put in an offer on a townhouse, but we just asked them to again reduce the price if they want to sell it to us.  We are still waiting on the response.  Looking at places to buy gives me a deeper appreciation for the place that we are now living.  As much as it is nice to own your own place, it is also very nice to know that as we are renting the payment amount every month will be the same and we wont have any extra expenses on the place we are living.


Nathan and Colleen said...

Where's the town house located? Are you looking at a place in Salt Lake to be closer to Charles' work?

Marilyn said...

I love your Blog Header... awesome! That is nice that the mortgage would be the same price as your current rent. It was a lot of paperwork and negotiating when Jason and I bought our home. Good luck!