14 March 2010

The Masquerade Cake, the making of

Charles and I made a huge masquerade cake for Amanda's birthday. Here is the process ....

A practice cake and frosting which didn't turn out very well.

All of the fun things we used, the spray-on frosting and glitter frosting was quite neat.

Vat o' Frosting

We placed three 9x13 cakes side by side, cut a little into it and added a part at the top. We wanted to try to make it a little similar to the mask that Amanda was going to wear at her party.

We added height to the top, the nose, and cheeks.

Here is a side view of the buildup of the nose that we attached to the cake. Fortunately when we served the cake it all stayed pretty well intact.

We carved out the eyes and into the cake so that it would be deeper than the mask itself. We, as well, cut a little more off of the bottom corners of the mask so that it looked better.

Here it is all frosted with us making sure no white frosting got in the eyes.

Here we have added some of the green spray-on color frosting and the glitter frosting to the top of the eye. As you can see, the bottom of the nose and the eyes, as well as the top edge of the mask have no frosting. We had to make black frosting and place it in those areas. To make the black frosting we used an entire bottle of black food coloring in the white frosting, and added cocoa powder to it which made it look quite shiny for some reason.

Here is the finished mask with all of the trimming and black frosting. It was a long process of five hours with five people helping. At the top of the mask is a rose in the center, which looks gorgeous.

To show you a size comparison to know how large the cake was, here it is next to a regular size eraser.

We didn't have anything to cover the cake, so we used four cones and a cut open trash bag.

It was a lot of fun to make the cake and if we had to do it again we have a lot more awesome ideas. If you need a unique cake built let us know; we would be more than happy to make it for you.

Charles and I would like to give a special thanks to Charles' mom Jan who gave us good ideas and was far braver than us and did the beautiful white lining around the mask. She, as well, let us use her kitchen and helped with the cleaning which was a lot bigger of a job than anticipated because the green spray went into the air intake and went all throughout the house. A little green mist can make a whole house green. We had no idea it would go every where, there was no warning label about doing it outside at all.

We would like to thank Ashley, Charles' sister for being extremely meticulous about making all of the frosting perfectly smooth and beautiful and spent so much time picking out little flecks of cake that had gotten in the frosting. She as well made the beautiful flower that went on the crown of the mask.

We owe a lot of work to my friend Heidi who decided that she wanted to help with the cake. We are so grateful that she came because she had many good ideas and was as well very patient as she picked out cake flecks in the frosting. She was a great asset in the making of the cake.

I guess we should thank Amanda for having a birthday and allowing us to make her cake without knowing what she was going to get.

It was a great experience!


Katie O. said...

Annette and Charles this was seriously the coolest cake and party ever! You are wonderful cousins to Amanda and you throw a great party!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that cake looks amaizing. Good job.