21 March 2010

2nd Week of Life

The little plants have been working hard and growing well. In this their second week of life, they have made leaps and bounds in their growth.

This is our broccoli which we actually just planted at the beginning of the week.

Here we see from left to right, the okra, peppers, carrots, and tomatoes.

Here we have the peas with the bean plant in the background.

Featured in this photo we have the lettuce in the back with the long pumpkin plant growing out to the right.

In the red Christmas bowl we have potatoes and two pumpkins. In the farther bowl there is zucchini.

The center plant which is just growing up so fast is squash.

In the farthest popcorn bowl we have the onions that are growing so tall they are falling over.

This is our small little honeydew that was started this week because we finally have more room in the little planter.

This is our large bean plant that just keeps growing. I know understand the story "Jack and the Bean Stalk."

In the okra we have a little lost seed that grew and we aren't sure if it is lettuce or carrots, I guess we will find out when it grows a little more. By it's fruit we shall know it.

Here is our little garden, if it expands any more I don't know where it will go.

1 comment:

Deanna said...

You know you need to have kids when....

You blog about your garden.

:) Most people chronicle the growth of their children, but I guess plants are a good way to channel all of those proud moments and desire for creation. How tragic will it be for you if they don't survive the transplant?