21 February 2010

Basketball / Bagel / Rose

Charles has been playing in the stake basketball tournament thing. Saturday morning was the ward championship tournament (because there are 4 teams and only 2 go to the stake level). Charles played great, but there seem lost both of there games. At the basketball game earlier in the week, Charles twisted his head funny and popped a few vertebra out of place. So we got a fun visit to the chiropractor to get it all put back in. Our chiropractor did his thing and then went to check it and there were still a few things that weren't right so he had to twist Charles neck again violently.

This Saturday as Charles was making cookies he noticed that there was something in our oven. After the cookies out of the oven he noticed that it was one of the bagels that I had cooked a few weeks ago. I guess one of the bagels had fallen off and since I had made such a large batch I didn't notice one was missing.

Friday night Charles and I wen to our friend, Rose's house to help her with her taxes (Charles actually helped, I unintentionally distracted). Once we were done we decided to bring Rose with us to our married student ward activity. Rose keeps telling us to set her up with guys, so we figured that although it would only be married people at the activity, married people have single friends. The one table that we sat at indeed had a single guy friend that would be in town. So we set up a triple date for Saturday night. It was a fun evening playing games and Rose and her date seemed to get along well. We will see what happens next.......

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Corey said...

I just had to come back and add a follow-up to this post. It sure does seem like things are still going well. And we may see sooner rather than later, what happens next. :D