07 February 2010

After Charles' tireless search for a job...

there was a voice message on my phone that was offering me a job without even looking! Charles was a little bitter :) but he is better now. I applied at Talbot's a long time ago and they apparently didn't round file my application and just happened to be in need of an extra hand around the store. I start my first day of work tomorrow! The first day of work is always nerve racking for me until I step through the front doors of the place and then I am fine.

Charles and I have been slacking in our reading on the Laura Ingles series, so yesterday we read to one another out of "Farmer Boy." It is so fun to read the books again. I get so excited right before all the good stories.

Yesterday I also made a triple batch of bagels. I love bagels! But they are too expensive to buy, so I just make a ton at a time and then stick them in the fridge till I slowly go through the entire batch.

Last year Charles did the 12 Days of Valentines for me and is doing it again this year. I decided that I would also like to be an active participant. So every morning we each try to get up before the other so that we can put our things before the other awakes. Charles seems to be winning at getting up before me (It is probably because I stay up reading at night my current John Grisham book). It has been fun to do things each day for each other. What Charles does is he gets me an item that I need/want that corresponds to the days number and then writes me a really cute love note with it. What I have done this year is to cut out hears that correspond to the day's number, write reasons I love Charles on each and then tape them to our living room walls. It is quite fun.

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Deanna said...

I always read the blog, but never comment. (Just thought you should know) But I just had to get excited with you about Farmer Boy. I think I told you I just read the whole series a few months ago while waiting for Raegan to be born. So in Farmer Boy my favorite part is when the parents go out of town. Don't you just love how excited they got over the tiniest things? Like making ice cream, a glass of lemonade, or a sled? If only we were so appreciative. Oh well.