25 October 2015

Packing up our home

Our entire home is packed up and we are ready to move.  Where and when are you moving you may ask.  The answer is, we have no idea.  We just know that we are moving.  Charles has had a couple in-person interviews, one being in Utah and another in Virginia.

The boys help take boxes to the trailer.  So helpful.

The kids wanted to get packed into the trailer as well.

After we packed the entire trailer we realized that there was too much weight in the front end.  So we unpacked some of it to move it around.  When it was on our lawn it started raining and we had to hurriedly throw it all into the house.  It was a fiasco and of course the kids were tired and crying, too.

The kids have their backpacks picked out for when we move.

This is just a super cute picture of Elizabeth.

When we picked Charles up from the airport for his Utah job interview, Henry had thrown up in the truck.  Poor kid got bathed down in the closest fast food joint.

We let our goldfish out into the wild.  We let the kids throw handfuls of the fish food in the river as well.

 We sold our kitchen table.  I think not having a kitchen table was one of the best decisions we have ever made.  Just cleaning the floor is so easy.  The kids really do love it and they seem to like that we are always sitting on the floor with them.  It's like a picnic every day.

Elizabeth wanted to bring a flat cardboard box down to the basement, but got frustrated that she pulled it on top of her head.

We have gotten a lot of home projects done around the house.  We painted the bathroom cabinets and tiled the inside.  We have repainted most of our walls and baseboards, it's amazing how much the kids can damage them.

Charles painted our deck a dark chocolate brown and it looks so beautiful!

We enjoyed our time out here in Pennsylvania, but are ready to move on.

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