28 July 2015

Counters, Baseball, & Lake Tobias

Note: If you are going to send us money please only do it in check form.  The USPS system here in PA seems very feeble.  We often get our neighbors' mail and have not gotten quite a few important pieces of mail that were supposedly sent.  We have also heard this same problem from others.  So if you send us money, please do it in a check and we will make sure to always let you know when we got it.  Thanks.

We painted our bathroom counters.  Yes, counters, not the cabinets.  The cabinets are next.  There is this really cool product that you can spray on your counters that gives it a new white coat that is nice and hard.  Our counters were those old type of cheep counters that were yellowing so it was a nice inexpensive way to update it.  Here is the after photo.

Here is what a straight road in PA looks like.  And yes this is actually more straight than other roads which have 90 degree or more turns.

We went to the Harrisburg Senators minor league baseball game with our stake and Charles sang.  Sorry about my bad video ability with the kids.

Lizzy loved dancing to the music between plays and clapping when everyone else clapped.

We went to Lake Tobias and saw all of the fun animals.

Lizzy was very tentative with the animals and had a few blood curdling screams when the animals came to close.

It took her some time but tentatively she touched a baby miniature goat's back when the head wasn't near her.  We obviously don't have many animals.

Mini deer



The boys pet the camel.

The camel was more fun from afar according to Lizzy.
Charles got Annette a new cell phone since he was tired of hearing stories about her phone being dumb.   It has a super nice camera on it.   Here she is using the selfie mode so she could actually have a photo of herself with an animal.

It's a great camera!

Annette thinks Henry is adorable in this photo.

There was a reptile house where there were lots of cool things to touch.  Like the tortoise/turtle shell.

Pythons.  The kids were so brave.  Annette wouldn't touch it, but she made Lizzy.

Alligators.  Lizzy and Henry weren't too hesitant, but Charlie knew what was on the other end and didn't trust it.


There was a fun reptile show that we got to watch.


I love that the zebra decided to eat the other one in the photo.  How childish :)



We had to stand in a really long line for the safari tour and Charles did a great job helping feed and water the kids with minimal spillage. 

 We went on the safari tour to see many of the animals that you couldn't see otherwise.  It was really fun.


Scottish Irish cows.  They were super pretty.  I bet they make great cheese.

Texas longhorns and a few other types of cows we can't remember.

Here are all of the male deer.  They don't like hanging out with the ladies.

These are zedonks.  A combination of a zebra and donkey.


We tuckered the kids out sufficiently.  Unfortunately the kids got a good enough nap on the way home that they were then awake super late having a party in their bedroom.

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