04 July 2015

Charlie Loves Being 4

Charlie is an amazing four year old!  He feels so mature and older now that he is four.  He feels like he can conquer the world and do anything that is hard.  He has been telling me what things he can do now that he is four and here is his list.  After writing the list he posed for me to take pictures of him doing some of the things.

Charlie has huge muscles because he is so strong!

Charlie can share and not take.  Charlie is good at cleaning up his room every evening before bed.

Charlie loads the dishwasher. 

Charlie can sweep the floor. 

Charlie can wash the windows.  Charlie helps clean a lot of the home.

Charlie can kill flies. 

Charlie decided that now he was four he would start singing in primary.  Every Sunday when we came home from church I would ask if he sang in primary and he would always say no.  I would then ask if other kids sang in primary and he would say yes.  After his birthday song was sung to him on Sunday he wanted to sing in primary now that he was four.

Charlie has gotten much better about talking to his friends (we refer to everyone as friends, not strangers, he has enough stranger danger, no need to increase it).

Charlie is very good at getting himself dressed every morning before breakfast, often it is even before we come out of our room.

Charlie is good at opening large doors, like the truck door.

The last thing that Charlie said he was good at was chopping trees.  I guess watching your parents rip bushes out of the front yard is like chopping a tree down yourself.

Charlie is such an awesome boy and we love him so much.  He is such a great big brother and loves being four years old. 

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