12 December 2014

Little Lizzy Learning & Her Brothers

Lizzy has this little Johnny Jump Up we got for free.  She loves jumping.
Lizzy has learned to wave and to clap.  It seems way early for her to know real tricks like that, but I'll take it.

Elizabeth got caught red-handed taking all of the diapers out of the bags.

But she is as cute as ever.

A kind of long movie, but she is so cute.

Elizabeth pretty much hasn't had an official bath forever; I just kind of clean her up as needed.  She totally loved her bath.

Heres a little movie of her crazy splashing.

I love Elizabeth's huge eyes.  She had just crawled across our little hall.

Here she is crawling across it.  This movie isn't that old, but she sure has improved since then.

The boys and Lizzy love brushing their teeth.  Here Henry is demonstrating the proper techniques.

I was trying to get a video of Lizzy crawling, but instead I got a great shot of what looks like Henry swallowing a toy screwdriver.  It is just after the 5 second mark.

I remember as a child climbing into our bathroom cupboards.  Henry is now enjoying the same adventure.

Charlie enjoys it, too.

Here is a little movie of it.

And last, but not least, here is a super cute photo of Charlie being excited about something.
In Charlie's prayer one night, when he was listing the things he was thankful for he said, "and Mommy who's grumpy, and Charlie who's happy (he always refers to himself in third person while praying), and Daddy at work (he was at a church meeting)."  Those were the really cute things that stood out to me.  

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